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EXPOSED: The Transgendered Agenda


Everywhere people are waking up, beginning to take notice of the nefarious Transgendered Agenda playing out in our generation—but there's a lack of understanding about what it will truly mean for our society if the Transgendereds get their way.

Well here it is, spelled out in clear common sense language, explained simply enough that even progressive liberals won't be able to deny the far-reaching implications of... The Transgendered Agenda.

Transgenders Destroying the Economy

By insisting on bringing their non-traditional ideas of gender into the workplace, Transgendereds force employers to fire them and hire new staff—letting the Transgendereds become a parasitic drain on our welfare system, funded by regular hard-working folks who still have their jobs. It's especially hard for employers in some of the more liberal parts of the country, where they have to make up an excuse to fire the employee, or watch like a hawk waiting for minor infractions to add up, because (thanks to progressive liberal tampering with the law), it's now illegal to fire a person "just" for being a Transgendered in 18 of the 50 states. God bless the other 32.

Of course, many of those fired Transgendereds end up working as prostitutes "to survive," because they "have no other choice," conveniently forgetting the option of simply not being a Transgendered any more. Their depraved lifestyles prove what everyone already knew: that Transgenderedism is all about sex and immorality. And of course, chasing them down and throwing them in jail (where criminals belong) costs tax-payer dollars as well. They receive expensive court proceedings, legal aid (because they're almost always too poor to pay for their own lawyer), and then they get free food and shelter in prison courtesy of the hard-working tax-payer, all because of the crimes they chose to commit.

After conviction, a lot of them even end up taking the state back to court again (costing us even more money), just for putting them in the "wrong" prison—based on their genitals, and not according to how they "identify" (i.e. how they claim they feel inside). Tax-payers are even on the hook for the cost of providing medical care to Transgendered prisoners when they get themselves beaten up or raped by other inmates (and this happens a lot, so the financial cost to tax-payers is huge). The state even has to pay for the Transgendereds funeral costs when they end up murdered in prison. Any reasonable person with common sense can see the situation is ridiculous: It's very costly for everyone when Transgendereds insist on living their way in our society. You don't need to look any further than all of this trouble to see that the moral fabric of America has unravelled.

Transgendereds even want to take government money through tax & spend programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare, for the hormone treatments that make them less depressed, and for the sex-change operations they "need" because of their "devastating genital dysphoria"—the feelings of "misery" or thoughts about "suicide" which they claim they experience about the parts that God gave them. Almost half of them even go as far as to attempt suicide, in an obvious transparent bid to trick people with common sense into believing that this is a real thing.

Federal funding for Transgendered healthcare in America was banned by law in 1981, but progressive liberal lawmakers are working on changing that using "non-discrimination" loopholes opened up by the Affordable Care Act (Thanks, Obama).

Transgendereds are working to trick the public into believing they should have the same opportunities in the workplace, and deserve the same level of care for their health concerns to be as comfortable and happy as everyone else is. It's up to people who care about traditional morality to teach people otherwise.

Transgenders Corrupting our Schools

Transgendereds want to teach innocent impressionable children that who they are, their feelings and their character, is more important in determining their identity than the penis or vagina they're attached to, or what it says in the Bible. They want to socially engineer a school system that indoctrinates children with ideas like "acceptance," "respect," and "self-esteem," thereby interfering with a parent's God-given right to judge and punish their children at home when they don't behave in a way that honours and respects their penises and vaginas.

They want to force our teachers to treat each child equally, regardless of that child's penis or vagina, even if the child doesn't want to reveal whether they've got a penis or a vagina to the other students—or even to the teacher himself. This goes against the traditional school environment, where you can look at any child and immediately know what's under that child's clothes, and treat them accordingly. Transgendereds want to change this status quo, even though it's been a cornerstone of our civilization for so long that the rationality behind it has been lost to time.

Teaching children that it's possible to be themselves, and still be safe and loved no matter what, undermines a parent's right to pressure their children into acting normally under penalty of consequences, compromising a parent from carrying out their responsibility to shame their children into submitting to the order of things (clearly spelled out in the Bible). Progressive liberals have already robbed parents of the right to beat their children mercilessly when they misbehave, using teachers as the devious enforcers of this new world order by giving our children a safe place to run and complain to. Now they're trying to take away a parent's ability to control the child by limiting their knowledge, as well. Common sense tells us it is wrong for an educator to put new ideas into a child's mind this way.

Transgenders Eroding Traditional Family Values

Everyone knows the traditional family consists of one Penis and one Vagina, with a bunch of little penises and vaginas running around. If Transgendereds get their way, they'll force a world where anyone can live and love together, support each other, make a happy life, raise children, and confuse people into believing that's a family too. Make no mistake, Transgendereds want to take that superiority away.

Don't believe me? Just look at all of the long-standing traditions which progressive liberals like the Transgendereds have eroded throughout history. Foot binding. Slavery. The Male-only vote. Racial purity of marriage. A husband's conjugal sexual right. The institution of marriage between one penis and one vagina only. Now liberal progressives and Transgendereds want to do it again, and this time institute a freedom of gender for everyone to be whatever they "feel" like, without fear of losing their job or being attacked or killed—and there is a real risk that this might happen soon, if nobody steps up and acts now to stop them.

Transgenders Threatening the Superiority of Religious Freedom

We all know that religious freedom includes the God-given right to force other people's beliefs out of our schools and workplaces. When people sharing those places are living their lives in a way that goes against good religious values, it's our religious right to use powers like the law to stop those people from doing that—as long as there's something in the Bible to justify it (check different translations to find the one that works best).

But Transgendereds want people to believe that their freedom to express their gender should be on "equal" terms with the freedom to enforce religious beliefs against those genders. Transgendered people everywhere are already going around saying that religious freedoms are no more important than other legally protected freedoms—even after it is explained to them that those religious beliefs are very sincerely and deeply held. Unfortunately for defenders of the supremacy of religious freedom, progressive liberals often take advantage of some mistakes in the law in order to support the Transgendereds's position.

The government is beginning to fail to uphold religious rights above the rights of others. The time to send a strong message is now, that religious freedoms are more important than the rest, before it's too late to prevent others from rising to a point of equality.

Transgenders Complicating Language for Everyone

Transgendereds are inventing new genders all the time, as more of their people come forward to declare that they "identify" differently.

As the Reverend Dr. Charles McVety (B.A., M.A., D.Min.) no-doubt accurately reported in a 2012 whistleblowing article about the Ontario school-system, schools were by that time teaching our impressionable youth there are at least 6 different genders. Then in early 2014, Facebook (bastion of progressive liberalism) started offering 56 "custom" genders.

That represents a terrifying 933% increase in genders in just two years. The math is truly alarming: at this rate, within five years the number of genders will be over 9,000. Common sense tells us there's no way that can be right.

If this movement is left unchecked, there may eventually be as many different ways of expressing gender as there are people in the world. The original two won't be special anymore, and once the Transgendereds are in control they'll make them illegal, probably.

Think about it. If we live in a world where a person with a penis can walk around dressing and behaving like they have a vagina, or vice-versa, we could see people that look completely normal, but really it's a Transgendered. As a business owner or a government employee, we wouldn't even be able to make them show us their ID to see whether we're dealing with a penis or a vagina. We could be tricked into treating the wrong people with equal decency and respect. How will we teach our children which types of people God values, and which types He doesn't approve of?

And then there are the in-betweeners, the so-called "genderqueers," and more. As legal protections and younger people's "acceptance" encourage people to be braver with how they express gender, deviating from traditional correctness into something new and different, we might soon be seeing more of these weird-dressing, androgynous-looking people, walking around in public spaces in broad daylight like our equals. And to look at them, no matter how much their clothing might confuse your sense of attraction, you might have no idea whether there's going to be a penis or a vagina waiting for you under those clothes once you get in there.

Transgendereds obviously want to force everyone to waste more and more time and energy just figuring out which genitals everyone has. If these Transgendereds get their equal rights, and keep being "themselves" all the time without facing resistance or consequences, we're all going have to start asking each other about how we identify, and respecting what other people tell us about themselves, just to make sure we don't end up with the wrong genitals in our bed.

Worst of all, our children may grow up not even understanding why genitals are so important to establishing identity.

There is No Other Solution

Do not allow the Transgendered to speak to you about "co-existing peacefully:" About taking them at their word that they would know their own "identities" best, or that they might be at their core "configured differently" from what tradition and majority experience teaches us is normal: About the ridiculous notion that a Transgendered would only want to use public restrooms for the usual intended purpose, or that they are "unsafe" when "forced" to use the birth-appropriate facilities with persons who don't match how they express: About how there are biologically "intersex" people, born naturally with various combinations of sexual characteristics and genetics, and about what implications that might have for the traditional "gender binary:" About whether the rapes and murders of Transgendered "people" should carry the same weight as crimes against normal people: About how Gender and Sex are "separate" traits which "don't necessarily match" in every person.

Those ideas are clearly Transgendered lies, designed to prey upon human empathy possessed by the gullible (those whose minds are not yet made up). They further the dangerous notion that we could all afford to respect each other equally. While now, at first, Transgendereds struggle to achieve an equal footing, it is necessary to the goal of stopping them in that struggle for people to remain devoutly fearful the Transgendereds will eventually maneuver themselves into power—where they will undoubtedly use the force of law to suppress our identities and our way of life, in favour of forcing us to live as they would dictate. That is, after all, the benefit reserved for those in power.

Certainly, if you are happy with your inborn manhood (or, at least, content with your inborn womanhood), it's straightforward to assume the same must naturally be true for everyone else as well—unless there is something wrong with them. It's easiest to continue believing what we have always believed. It only causes harm to those insisting on being Transgendered, who could easily avoid these negative consequences by simply choosing instead to live a normal non-Transgendered life. That would be the most economical and expedient solution to the entire problem of the Transgendereds. Unfortunately, they've shown a very selfish stubborn unwillingness to surrender their identities in exchange for the convenience of others, offering up explanations, "education," and pleas for understanding instead. Therefore, the logical solution is to step up the effort and continue fighting the Transgendered Agenda, with our minds (and especially our hearts) closed to anything else the Transgendereds might have to say.

Any other approach would require polite society to undergo an obviously impossible shift of understanding, to re-frame perceptions of gender and sex as independent concepts, and to reconsider the roles sex and gender have to play in the formation of a human identity... be it private or public, social or personal. But until and unless there might someday be even the remotest possibility of that shift occurring, the fight must continue.

Beware of the Transgendered Agenda: they want to teach you how to "think."

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